Following "From the Heart", "Touching Shadows", "Anytime Anywhere" and "Celtic Footprints" (all of which are first release sell outs! ) comes this special CD of requests entitled "To You With Love"

This new release includes original arrangements by Roulf Commandeur, Kathleen's Musical Director and special guests Pipers Brett Freckleton and Simon Kubala.

Like 'From the Heart' this Cd is a mixture of Celtic, Opera, and Popera including - Unchained Melody, Band of Brothers (From requiem for a Soldier), Song to the Moon, Dark Island, Highland Cathedral and When the Pipers Play. there are 14 tracks plus 3 bonus tracks played by Brett and Simon, Clumsy Lover, Pumkins Fancy, and La Baum.(for those who love the skirl of the Pipes)

Check out a preview of the new album "To You with Love" by clicking on the video link above!

Classical Crossover UK
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Latest reviews

Review from by John Paton from 4MBS re: Celtic Celebration Show...

Kathleen Procter-Moore managed to do that very difficult double – combining a wonderful voice, clearly operatically trained, with beautiful tone and superb range with a great feel for the folk idiom – both Scottish and Irish. I have lost count of the number of times I have heard “Danny Boy” played and sung – and I have never heard it sung with more feeling and sensitivity. The sing-a-longs worked well – the audience joining in so enthusiastically that even those of us who are vocally challenged felt free to take part.

"I have just seen and heard the " Celtic Celebration ", concert in the Events Centre, Caloundra. It was the happiest concert ever. The Queensland Pops Orchestra under Patrick Pickett did a fantastic job both in musical skill and in joining in the fun created by Murphy's Pigs. The colour and noise of the tap dancing was only an amazing distraction until Kathleen Procter-Moore came on in some great gowns to sing old popular Scottish songs. Her voice was so clear and powerful and we could join in with the words in the programme guide. What an unforgettable and amazing night. A big thank you from me."

And when it comes to opera, it is hard to find a voice as graceful, magical, and beautiful as Kathleen Procter-Moore’s stunning sound. Her CD titled Anytime Anywhere is so powerful that it is not uncommon for me to cry when I close my eyes and really listen without interruption.

This Scottish born artist has a depth in her well-trained voice that I feel right in my soul. It is so emotionally moving that I tend to blast it as loud as I can through our home, especially if I’ve had a hard day. The emotion that moves me can’t be trained, however, and has to be part of the nature of the songstress. When I say that I “feel” her in the song, I mean that. I have a physical response.

My only regret is that I never got to see this legendary star perform on the Sydney Opera House stage, which was her home away from home for many years. I did get to meet her and found her as lovely as her voice, as well as very quick-witted. I’ve got a collection of her works now and I’ve also enjoyed the indie film she did with American author Lee Travathan, entitled Love, Life, and All That Matters. You really get to see the soul of the artist this way.

For anyone that appreciates really fantastic music that is more than just background sound, I can say that my experience leads me to this artist over and over. I really enjoy my quiet time with her works. Rating: 10